Every brand has a story, a purpose, and a mission. I work to surface those vital elements through storytelling to develop relationships with customers and prospects. Here are just a few examples of my work.

Lookout Society

As a board member of the Lookout Society, I spearheaded a six month program to revive the brand, starting with a new online identity. Since this exercise, the Lookout has seen unprecedented growth in funding, impact, and service diversification. See the slide deck and descriptions below each image to see our journey.


The well established Japan-based maker of bespoke scissors, BMAC, wanted to break into the North American market. I developed their main sales piece, blending the culture of their Japanese founders and workmanship with their beautifully crafted shears. Copywriting and design: Greg Robins. Tools: InDesign, Photoshop. Printed in 5 colours at PointOne Graphics, Toronto, ON.


Working with the Vancouver International Film Festival (VIMFF) since 2016, I collaborated with sponsors including Arc’Teryx, CLIF bar and KEENS Footwear to support this important event. I created specialized interactions with brands to represent themselves to the 10,000+ audience members of VIMFF. Each brand experience was tailored to suit the company, respect the on-stage presenters’ agenda, and provide value to the audience. This promo reel represents the culmination of the brand development exercises I participated in to define and articulate the core values of the VIMFF.


When beauty brands came to the team at Salon Magazine seeking ways to get exposure on tablets, I oversaw a small team to launch Salon Lookbook. This tablet-only project spanned 24 months as a vibrant, content-rich outlet for artists and brands in one neat package. I sourced the content, wrote the copy, and laid out the magazine each month. I leveraged a remote team of coders to deploy the product on iTunes and the Play Store using low-cost tech and existing Adobe software. In this ISSUU presentation, the animations are not visible. Tools: InDesign, InCopy, In5, GitHub code snippets, Digital Ocean, AWS S3.


This German-based manufacturer of hair colour wanted to launch into the Canadian market. They had no collateral in English and required a technical teaching manual for their ground team. I worked with the importers and the German manufacturer to create this guide for technical educators and boilerplate text for slide decks and social media campaigns.